Electric Furnace Maintenance By Invermere Electric and Solar Ltd.

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One of the primary advantages of electric furnaces is that they are flexible compared to traditional gas furnaces. With the availability of electricity in every household, electric furnaces can be an option just about anywhere. Similarly, electric furnaces are safer and more efficient today. They are also more durable than gas furnaces. However, the longevity of an electric furnace depends on how well it’s maintained.

Without regular maintenance, electric furnaces lose their ability to heat effectively and require repairs and replacements, which can be quite costly. On the other hand, if you maintain your furnace as frequently as your user manual suggests, you can expect fewer repairs, and your furnace is likely to give you a long and productive service life.

To help you reduce your need for furnace repairs, Invermere Electric and Solar Ltd. offers highly professional electric furnace maintenance services throughout Invermere, British Columbia. Our maintenance solutions are designed to prepare your furnace for continuous use during the long winter months and inactivity during warmer weather.

While maintaining a furnace, we conduct electric furnace testing to check if the unit operates as per specifications. We test each aspect of the furnace to make sure they aren’t worn, loose, or displaced. That way, we can enable your furnace to operate more efficiently, and ensure the motor experiences less wear.

Our maintenance services are specifically designed for homeowners and small businesses and priced accordingly. Each service call is around $130.00 plus for those in parts within Invermere. For areas further away, we usually add travel time to the base price. To avail of our services, you’ll need to book an appointment with our electricians. To check when our specialists can come to help you, give us a call at (250) 342-8878 or email us at scott@invermereelectricandsolar.ca.

Invermere Electric and Solar Ltd. is a full-service electrical contracting company, run and operated by Scott Postlethwaite, a certified commercial and residential electrician in Invermere, BC. We specialize in supplying prompt services to meet all of your electrical repairs and are experienced enough to provide you with excellent outcomes.

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