About Invermere Electric and Solar Ltd.

Commercial/ Residential Electrician in Invermere, BC

Invermere Electric is a full service electrical contracting company specializing in supplying prompt service for all electrical repair needs.

Invermere Electric is owned and operated by Scott Postlethwaite, who has been in the electrical trade since 1981 with experience in commercial, industrial and residential wiring. He holds a F.S.R. (Field Safety Representative) designation for British Columbia and Master Electrician certification for Alberta. Scott has been a resident of the Columbia Valley since 1996 and established Invermere Electric in April of 2002.

Welcome to Invermere Electric & Solar Ltd.

Invermere Electric & Solar Ltd. is a complete electrical service contracting company working in the residential, commercial, and service sectors in the Columbia Valley from Golden to Canal Flats.

Established in 2002, Invermere Electric operates with a class “B” commercial license, and is a BC Hydro Power Smart approved contractor.

We are ready to serve you in commercial buildings and warehouses, multifamily condominium complexes and single family homes. We specialize in service repairs for #electric furnaces, #electric hot water tanks and all your #electrical heating needs. We have also recently added solar installations to our services.